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Meals from the Heartland - June 2016

The eleven Hope workers today were Emolly Wisecup, Emolly's friend Shylin Cox, Mary Griffiths, Becky Dauschmidt, Randy Baker, Joe Griffiths, Glen Dauschmidt, Sandy Bennett, Kathy Baker, Margaret Simmons, Sigourney Odor.
Eleven Hope Workers

The concrete cow with the saying on it "what if you found out that every 3.6 secs someone, somewhere dies of hunger?" was right by the entrance to the building.
Every 3.6 seconds

During our two-hour shift, we packaged 648 packages of the soy/rice meals, enough to feed 3,888 people!
(back row) Becky Dauschmidt, Glen Dauschmidt, Randy Baker, Emolly's friend Shylin Cox, Emolly Wisecup, Margaret Simmons, Joe Griffiths
(front row) Kathy Baker, Mary Griffiths, Sandy Bennett, Sigourney Odor

We Packaged 648



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